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Ultimate Geography Trivia

Разработчик White Squid Studios

How good is your Geography?* Questions and options are generated and not based of a fixed bank of questions.
* Choose random difficulty or from a fixed difficulty level: + Easy + Medium + Hard + Insane
* Choose a mix or from a single category: + Countries + Cities + Islands + Rivers + Lakes + Mountains + Waterfalls
* or Choose a very specific type of question E.g. + Country Flags + Country Maps + Country Capitals + and many more * Apart from the standard Q&A format different format of questions like Match the following, Order by value.
* No internet connection need
* Keeps track of statistics Total/Average/Percent for games Score, High Score, Played, Time, Correct* Adaptive scores based on difficulty of the question (ok this is subjective :-) )
* Achieve different levels and earn power ups
* Use power ups during the game to reduce choices, swap questions, increase answer time, boost score